Govt relaxes land rules for industry

Posted On: 2014-09-23 21:40:26


   In a decision expected to have farreaching consequences on industries, the cabinet chaired by chief minister Siddaramaiah on Monday gave the nod to simplify procedures related to land allotment.
    The cabinet gave the green signal to amend Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1961, and Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964, paving the way for elimination of stringent procedures for approval of government land for industries and educational institutions ,among others. 

    Under the current system, a non-agriculturist with over Rs 2 lakh as annual income cannot buy agriculture land. However,the cabinet, state high-level clearance committee (SHLCC) or single-window committee, under powers vested in it, can allot land to industrial and other purposes under section 109 of the Land Reforms Act. 

    Once allotted under section 109, the allottees must approach the district deputy commissioner (DC) for land conversion under section 95 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964. With the cabinet simplifying the procedure, this system of taking the DC's permission for conversion has been done away with. 

    "When cabinet or SHLCC has approved land allotment, what is the necessity for the DC to give approval again? The government has simplified the procedure by relaxing rules, " a revenue department official told TOI.
Source : The Times Of India (04-MAR-2014)