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Ensure that the location has good net work facilities which include transportation.
Ensure that the investment on the property shall yield good results in the form of rentals.
Also ensure that in case if you propose to dispose off, the property shall fetch you good re-sale value.
Keep in mind that the investment you propose to make is well connected to infrastructure facilities including popular land marks, as this plays vital role in the long run.
Ensure that the location you have finalized is well connected with essential facilities such as Water, Sewerage besides the Schools and Hospitals.
Make adequate preparation for pooling your ‘financial requirements’ and if you can provide your ‘repayment capacity’ there is great chance for you to get the needed financial assistance.
Be thorough about the Builder and do your home work properly before meeting the builder with all your questions to be got replied, before entering into deal.
Watch out for over head and recurring expenses in the form of additional costs at the time of construction and maintenance charges after possession.
Ensure to insure your property – since no one know when a calamity will occur. It is safe and advisable to insure the property to secure your investment.
The ultimate and the most important factor is ensure to take the help of a best Lawyer well conversant in Real Estate Property matters, before finalizing the Investment deal. Ensure the investment you make is hassle-free.

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Disclaimer: It is the Responsibility of the viewer/purchaser to verify the genuiness of the property,information of developer.Cross check the information with relavant acts,books,etc...
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