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Buying a property taking a huge investment and it should not give further headaches after bought it out.

Hence a very good plan would reduce the number of issues arising thereafter.

1. Proper calculation of the total expense incurred in the purchase is necessary before the take off.

2. Apart from the property rate Solicitor's fees, mortgage fees, stamp duties and the insurance charges are to be taken into consideration before finalizing the amount.

3. Consult with the bankers of your eligibility and the amount f the mortgage available and the repayment schedule should be within your repayment capacity.

4. To asses the market value, check the recent transaction prices with the other comparable properties in the area and the size.

5. Property area to be visited and you need to check the town planning proposals that may affect the property in the long run. Transportation facilities and the amenities available in the area and the reach to the city centers must be taken into care before take a decision.

6. ProUnderstand the right meaning of the sq.foot price and to know if it is the saleable area or the gross floor price. And the meaning of the carpet area also to be known by you before finalizing the finance criteria. If you have any doubt on the terms please check with the experts and find the right sq.ft area of yours in the construction.perty

7. Check whether the saleable area includes the balcony and utility area. Other areas like generator room area and the maintenance area are added with the saleable area or not.

8. Interior and exterior fittings and finishes also to be taken care.

9. A through check on the management area and the fees involved in the area management to be known. Whether the owner of the flat should pay the fees for the public area maintenance and for the security guards and the electricity and water problems in the public areas.

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Disclaimer: It is the Responsibility of the viewer/purchaser to verify the genuiness of the property,information of developer.Cross check the information with relavant acts,books,etc...
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