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About Us

Our Obsession is to simplify efforts of the purchaser to own property in Bangalore.

Bangalore5.com offers individuals, house owners, other men dealing in Real estate property matters, an exhaustive and comfortable online real estate ecosystem.

Bangalore5.com has a unique feature:

it is the only website consisting of details of all varieties of properties situated in entire Bangalore
it is simple and user friendly;
it gives entire information to the purchaser of the property in Bangalore, at free of cost.

Bangalore 5.com is the only website which is hassle-free and does not make any deals or sale of property as an 'agent' except providing information to the viewers and proposed purchasers of any type of property in entire Bangalore, absolutely at free of cost.

Bangalore 5.com make all the efforts of proposed purchaser to come to an end in a single window search and provide:

Simplified Analytics
Location-wise Reviews on: flats and apartments
Wide ranging and verified data base of builders, developers and their projects spread over entire Bengaluru.
Set tools of Management related to Apartment community.
Extensive search options both for lease, rent and purchase of property.

Bangalore 5.com provides its user all believable property details of more than 2,500 active properties situated across entire Bengaluru.

Bangalore 5.com is a self-sufficient search engine maintaining a vast stock of information on property related matters ranging from legal issues to facility management inter alia maintenance, home based insurance, etc.,

Bangalore 5.com is worth valued as 'Single Search website' to end woes for purchase of any type of property in Bangalore, at free of cost.

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Disclaimer: It is the Responsibility of the viewer/purchaser to verify the genuiness of the property,information of developer.Cross check the information with relavant acts,books,etc...
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