Realty prices rise upto 8% in 16 cities

Posted On: 2014-09-23 22:03:02

New Delhi  :      

   The prices of residential properties have shown an increasing trend in 16 cities in October – December quarter ,2013 - ranging from 1.1% in dehradun to 8% in Nagpur - Compared to the July - September quarter . prices in eight cities have shown decreasing trend ranging from ( -1.2) % in Kochi TO (-3.6)%In Vijayawada . prices for two cities namely Mumbai and Ludhiana have remained stable , according to Residential Index PREPARED BY National Housing Bank (NHB) 

   However , in the last one year , since October – December 2012 , prices of residential properties in 13 cities witnessed an increasing trend while in seven cities , the fell. 

   Residential prices in Delhi have shown an increase of 3.1% in October – December 2013 from the previous quarter. However , over the last one year the residential prices increased by 0.5% . this showed Delhi has  finally bucked the trend of declining prices of the last two quarters.

   In Mumbai , However the property prices remained falt for the last three quarters Anually, the pries have shown appreciation of 2.3% due to rise in January – March 2013 Quarter.

Source : The Times Of India & The Finacial Express - Mumbai (13-FEB-2014)